About LTC

LongTruong Ceramics Ltd,. is a family-owned company that has been successfully passed down to three generations of ownership. Our company is now operated by President (or CEO) Kim Huynh who has overseen the transition of LTC from the first days of hand-making simple clay pots to now the use of modern machinery and teniques to produce quality clay and glazed pottery. We currently serve large scale home and garden centers, local stockists in Vietnam and individual gardening enthusiasts.

Excellence and Professionalism

– High quality products with smooth and high class surface, light weight and thin looks but at competitive price.
– Excellent and professional production management system which achieved many international standard such as BSCI, WCA, GVS, FCCA, CTPAT, ICS, 5S, ISO 9001-2015…
– Big capacity , about 20 million products per year. -We can make all type of ceramics: indoors/ outdoors pottery, planters, vases, decorations… in painting, powder coating and glaze.

Our Factory

Located in Binh Duong province, Vietnam, is a premier pottery manufacturing facility which spans over 1,800,000 sq ft; including over 1,650,000 sq ft of production factory and warehouse, a 5,000 sq ft showroom and an office area of over 100,000 sq ft. Our installations are safe, clean and ventilated, when combined with our modern machinery and professional personnel training, we are able to achieve our production volumes, design/decoration selections and packaging styles requested by our customers.


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